Comparing The advantages and disadvantages about the French Bulldog Temperament

Published: 02nd February 2012
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Itís obvious the reasons folks, even celebs today, have embraced the French bulldog breed as a companion or pet. They've the same character as bulldogs provide but they're smaller in size and much more lovable.

Even though may find the American Bulldogís structure and appearance to be frightful, its reduced in size variant, the French bulldog temperament doesnít have the same vibe. And another difference that this Frenchie has over its American version is it is more at home inside.

In fact, the standard size a Frenchie in their adulthood would be just about 2 feet up to its highest point. There are even types of French bulldog that can be considerably smaller sized. Could be also light in weight in comparison with other puppies, despite its stocky shape, they often weigh only about 18 to 22 lbs, also, the larger type weight can weigh about 20 to 30 lbs.

These breed result in great family pets and are also adored by children. They are small, easy to handle and display a stable attitude, without getting aggressive. Frenchies are reputed for their clownish and mischievous behavior, and long for human attention.

These dogs don't need plenty of exercise, however they love chasing balls and playing outdoors or indoors throughout the cool days. At night, they are very happy to curl and unwind on the couch. The Frenchie is an excellent friend to elderly people, but this won't exclude them from being faithful friends of all members of the family. If you're a parent, you will surely appreciate various expressions of the French bulldog temperament and how it entertains children all night together.

In addition similar to every other purchases, you need to look at first the Pros and Cons of the product or service, or with this situation, the actual dogís breed, and see if the benefits would be much better in your situation than the disadvantages. Here are some of the positives and negatives of the French bulldog temperament which have been pointed out by most owners. But don't forget, pets, just like humans, are individuals as well and might tend to be different than others.


French bulldogs temperament are often very intelligent and may be taught easily. They can be very good watchdogs once taught effectively. They're also not necessarily outrageous barker. They can bark only if they've got something to express to you and that involves having a burglar in the house. French bulldogs in addition have a great temper and tend to be well socialized. In addition they like to hunt mice so that would mean you wonít require a cat. Best of all, French bulldogs are amazing companion pets. They are usually quite adorable and cuddly and loves to play. Because of their little stature, they donít need too much space or even a huge back or front yard to relax and play or train.


The French bulldog can often be difficult headed and uncooperative at times. When they are not taught properly, a French bulldog cannot be used as a guard canine. Also, French bulldogs can get gassy, easily get drained and hot, breathes noisily while sleeping when in bed, as well as the habit to drool.

Also, due to their structure and bloodline, French bulldogs can be poor in swimming, has problems with breathing, and have problems producing. They're also considered to be many different health problems. Thatís the reason they are generally somewhat pricy and could tend to require a lot more regular visitations to a animal medical practitioner.

Those are just a number of examples that a person may find as pros and cons with a French bulldog. Itís now for you to decide if you're able to deal with the cons and take pleasure in the benefits of having and living with the French bulldog temperament.

I'm John and enjoy a relatively interest to help French bulldog puppies to find a home. Should your seeking to adopt French bulldog puppies as well as find out more on the French bulldog temperament, let me know and I will do what I can to help you.

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